Event Management

Prior to moving more towards GPS Tracking and Chip Timing in the early part of 2022, I spent much of my working life as an Event Manager and Course Director for a range of different sporting events including 10K road races, trail running events, marathons and ultra-marathons.

While I have now moved away from this area of supporting events in most cases, there are still times where I am asked to get involved in assisting the organisation and running of an event including:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Event Management Plans
  • Event Safety Plans
  • Course Direction
  • Race Licence Acquisition
  • Event Safeguarding Policies
  • Event Marshalling
  • Event Photography
  • Traffic Management
  • Local SAG (Safety Advisory Group) Liaison

Event Safety Management

I have a wealth of experience in creating concise, relevant and thorough documentation that provides guidance and support to your event support and marshal team. Event Management Plans, supported by other documentation such as Risk Assessments and Safeguarding Policies ensure that all aspects of staff, volunteer and participant safety are covered to high levels. Where appropriate, these are relayed to Safety Advisory Groups and organisations such as Run Britain in order to obtain licences and relevant permissions.

On Event Day, I can attend your event to provide assistance in ensuring that safety procedures are fully known by and adhered to by event staff, volunteers and marshals.

Course Management & Marshalling

As part of your Event Management or separately and in it’s own right, I’m able to provide assistance with course direction and management. With experience in plotting race routes, performing course checks and identifying suitable marshal locations around the route, your participants will feel that you are interested in their enjoyment and well being every step of the way.

Event Photography

With qualifications in professional photography and a passion for visual arts, I’m very well placed to be able to come and capture those awesome moments of your events that show just how much your challengers are enjoying themselves.

I provide a flexible service, sometimes even incorporating my photography into other roles such as event marshalling and multitasking to get those shots while simultaneously ensuring that your participants stay safe and well.

This unique angle on event photography makes me a great “secondary” photographer for your event, capturing images at a static location while continuing to monitor your challengers and leaving your lead photographer to travel where they need to be elsewhere around your venue.

After the event, every photo captured is uploaded to geosnapshot and are all available as digital download. Each gallery is fully searchable by bib number and time-of-day to make it a pain free and simple process to access the images.