Course Management

As well as being able offer our marshalling service, Gizmo Events can also provide assistance in the lead up to the day of your event. With experience in course design, risk assessments, course signing and staff management, we can remove some of the pressure of getting everything in place, leaving you more time to focus on what matters – Your participants.

Risk Assessments

We are able to provide assistance with managing any risks involved with your event, making it safer and more enjoyable for your visitors. Taking what you already have in place, or beginning completely from scratch, we can review your course, venue and other potential hazards to identify and minimise anything that could prove an issue.

The genuine safety of your visitors is of paramount importance to us and we take things very seriously, whilst maintaining a realistic and common sense approach.

Course Signing

Anyone who’s organised or taken part in a sporting event at an unfamiliar venue will know all too well how important course signing can be. Using traditional maps or GPS technology, we can ensure that the signing on your course is of an excellent standard and make things as easy as possible for your athletes.

We’re also able to provide directional signs for your more administrative needs, such as car parking and event registration.

Course Design

Calling on our previous experience, we are able to provide assistance in designing and calculating your course around it’s venue. Using GPS technology, we are able to accurately determine it’s length and, if linked with our risk assessment services, provide you with documentation that covers all the bases.

We are also able to provide GPX files of your course to offer to your participants or use files you provide us to accurately pinpoint distances or marshal locations.

If you think we ma be able to provide some assistance in any of the areas above, please contact us to find out more.

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