Event Marshalling

In addition to our own skills as event marshals at Gizmo Events, we also work closely with a charity organisation called Norfolk and Suffolk 4×4 Response to provide safety marshals to a wide range of events. These fantastic volunteers have a vast array of experience in all sorts of conditions and never fail to provide an excellent service to any event that they attend.

Volunteers with the organisation almost all drive 4×4 vehicles, enabling them to access practically any location around your event venue. This can prove to be extremely useful if the need to transport other staff around your venue presents itself and prevailing weather conditions are less than ideal.

Some of the tasks that the volunteers have provided include:

  • Safety marshalling
  • Event communications
  • Medical team transport
  • Vehicle recovery (often from grassed car parking areas when conditions are wet)

and others besides.

Being a charity organisation, the cost to have the team come and support your event is very reasonable. In the vast majority of cases a nominal donation per vehicle and the covering of mileage expenses for the volunteers is all that is asked for. This provides an inexpensive but extremely professional addition to your event that can assist in a huge variety of ways.

Gizmo Events make no additional charges for the services provided by Norfolk & Suffolk 4×4 Response, only billing for work we directly do ourselves.

Every penny you pay for the services provided by 4×4 Response goes directly to the charity to help keep it running and to cover costs incurred by it’s volunteers.

If you would like to find out more about how 4×4 Response may be able to assist with your event, please get in touch with us.

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