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All of the latest news and updates about what’s going on at Gizmo Events

Tier 4 Restrictions/Lockdown

Following the Government’s decision to raise the COVID-19 restrictions to Tier 4 across most of the East of England and then place the country into Lockdown, we have made the decision to place all activities on hold until further notice in line with current legislation.

Return to the COVID-19 Tier System

Gizmo Events are continuing to observe the current lockdown restrictions in England. However, in light of the statement made by the Prime Minister on 23rd November, we are now preparing to return to work under the three tier system on 2nd December 2020.

Gizmo Events is on Instagram!

Today we’ve added an Instagram account to our current social media feeds on Twitter and Facebook. So if you’re a fan of a very visual social media feed, head on over and give us a follow! There’s plenty of content coming along in the future!

COVID-19 Lockdown

In line with the current Lock Down situation in England, Gizmo Events are not presently operating any services. We will review the situation by 2nd December 2020 once government legislation & guidance is updated.

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